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Andrea Greystoke

Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in New York and San Francisco, Andrea was educated at Radcliffe College, Harvard University, The University of California, Berkeley and King’s College, London where she pursued undergraduate and graduate studies in Mathematics.

Andrea became the first woman teacher at St. Paul’s Boys’ School and then again at King’s College School in London. She also spent a year as an investment analyst with Quilter, Hilton, and Goodison. She temporarily retired to have her six children but returned to education with her first major school project, the foundation of Abercorn School in 1987.

Based on the success of Abercorn and her knowledge of the US system and the NY market, Andrea opened the British International School of New York in 2006 and Abercorn International School in Austin, Texas in 2010.

She intends to build a national chain of British International Schools in the United States and is also looking at selected international locations.